Hot 50 of GTM Tech [Account List]

We curated and enriched 50 hot accounts in GTM tech. Attributes so deep, they're everything GTM teams want, and nothing that large data vendors can offer.


Signals is a project by, with the goal of helping ABM-focused marketers to plan account targeting efforts and crush their market.

Every few weeks, we release an account list with highly enriched attributes.

We’re starting with the Hot 50 of GTM tech!

Why? Because traditional database tags are just too outdated

We’ve enriched attributes above what you usually get, like

  • Who they sell to?

  • Their core topic tags (see things like ‘conversational marketing’, instead of ‘Internet Software’

  • Pricing buckets

  • Ideal job profiles that companies are targeting

  • Has an enterprise plan?

  • CTAs on their site (to decipher acquisition style)

  • PLG/Sales-led/Has product tour

  • G2 reviews

  • Conversation Starters

  • Content Efforts

And if you find yourself enjoying it, we’ve left in a bonus treat in there too 👀

To access your free account list, follow the link below👇🏼

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